Aaron Lapira – Director of Body Revival

| Director | Personal Trainer | Boot Camp Instructor | CrossFit Coach | Boxing Instructor | Body Tone Instructor | Fitness and Nutritional Consultant | Strength & Conditioning Coach | Bachelor of Business / Sports Administration |

I have always loved fitness and the fitness industry, so the idea of becoming a personal trainer at a young age was super exciting to me as I really wanted to make fitness my lifestyle and my career. I worked at various fitness locations around Melbourne teaching group fitness and personal training clients, whilst putting myself through my bachelor’s degree in business and sports administration. After university I realised that I loved what I was doing with fitness and I wanted more, so I started running my very own personal training studio from my parents’ house and also started up outdoor bootcamps, and so Body Revival was born.
Over the past few years I have dedicated my life to working with anyone who wants to get fit, healthy and happy through fitness. Training clients and members isn’t a “job” for me, it’s my greatest hobby and I love it! I love motivating the unmotivated, challenging the fit and encouraging large groups of people to work as a team with fitness and fun.

In 2014 I set myself a new challenge and this was to work with the team at Body Revival and open up our biggest Body Revival Fitness Centre yet. Body Revival Health and Fitness opened up our Epping location and has been an outstanding success. We love what we do here and every member that trains with us loves it too.
I enjoy weights and resistance training, cycling, crossfit, bootcamp workouts and overall strength training. Training for me is all about getting outside of your comfort zone and I use this analogy with all aspects of life. If you stay inside your comfort zone you will never change, never develop and never improve. Getting out there and trying new things and different exercises will not only improve your physical fitness but improve your mental fitness and help you become a stronger individual in fitness and in life. Take on all challenges in life with a smile and the will to succeed. Train with the team at Body Revival Health and Fitness, we will encourage you to train this way and we will guarantee you will get some amazing results.

Can’t wait to meet you and help change your life.

Certificate III in Fitness
Certificate IV in Fitness (Personal Trainer)
Punch Fit Boxing
CrossFit Level 1
Advanced First Aid and CPR

Stacey Lapira – Director

|  Director  | Personal Trainer  |  Boot Camp Instructor  |  Boxing Instructor  |  Body Tone Instructor  | HIIT Instructor |  Fitness and Nutritional Consultant | Transformation Specialist |

Nothing feels better then feeling healthy and fit! My aim as a Personal Trainer is to instil this belief into everyone that walks through our doors. Yes I love training others, but more than that, I love changing lives and allowing them to see what they are capable of.  Being a trainer is being an educator and teaching people how to live a healthy life that they can sustain long term.

I live and breathe health and fitness and like to lead by example. I am in the gym every day, pushing myself, pushing my own limitations, this way I know what our members are going through.
Nutrition is what I am passionate about. I love learning about clean and healthy eating and further educating myself about new approaches that evolve within healthy eating. Healthy eating is what makes you feel AMAZING and if I can help educate others to change their eating habits, I am one satisfied trainer/educator.
Ever since I was a child, I was always active. I danced for 22 years of my life, and then started getting into weight training. I have tested my body and completed a fitness model shoot and since then, my training is continuously evolving. My passion is in the weights room. I love the way it makes you feel and I love the feeling of getting stronger after each session.
In my spare time I love to get out and do different things, whether it is trampolining, ice skating, hiking, bike riding- I love to keep myself busy and get out and enjoy the fresh air. I am not happy, unless I am moving about.


  • Certificate III in Fitness
  • Certificate IV in Fitness (Personal Trainer)
  • Advanced First Aid and CPR

Mima (Mims) Bernardo

|  Personal Trainer  |  Ladies Only Trainer |  Group Fitness Instructor  |  Fitness and Nutritional Consultant  |

In  March 2012  I decided that I needed to make a change, I was overweight and miserable. Fortunately, I picked up the phone, spoke to Aaron (Director Body Revival) and the rest is history. In a nutshell,  I have changed my life around. From never exercing or stepping foot into a gym in my life and always on a “diet” to becoming fit and healthy andeating well. It is true that nothing tastes as good as the feeling of feeling good.

My passion for being fit and healthy just naturally drove me to become qualified, in March 2014,  and now help others achieve their fitness goals. It is very rewarding to see people taking that step to get started. It can be done…there are no excuses!



  • Certificate 3 Fitness (Fitness Instructor)
  • Certificate 4 Fitness (Personal Trainer)
  • Level 2 Certificate of Senior First Aid

Michael Keon

| CrossFit Coach | Boxing Instructor | MindSet Coach |

My athleticism started in high school sports. I played rugby full time and also dabbled in basketball and cricket. When I hit the age of 16 I decided to test myself in martial arts. Muay Thai kickboxing was my choice of fighting art. In just over a month I was training 5 days a week at the dojo. Kickboxing became an addiction.

After 3 months of traveling and soul searching I arrived back in Australia at the age of 18 and decided to become a personal trainer. Stepping into the fitness industry was the best thing I could’ve ever done in my life. My carrier led me to a 7 year stint with fitness first. Within that period I started practising Crossfit, mainly on my own. But I really never experienced Crossfit until I went to my first box and trained in a class.

Since 2013, Crossfit has been my main training practise. It has radically changed the way I see health and fitness and it has taken my physical capacity to a whole new level. I see myself Crossfiting for the rest of my life!

Cert 3-4 in Fitness
Crossfit Level 2 instructor
F.M.A Level 2 Strength & conditioning
Rehab Trainer Level 2
C.H.E.K Holistic lifestyle coach

Joey Torcaso

| Head Strength & Conditioning Coach  | Personal Trainer |

I have always been passionate for health and fitness, having a very sporty background as a kid. I fell in love the health and fitness industry from a very young age. I had great interest in AFL football and basketball. Playing AFL for 15 years it was always a life long dream to get drafted. The lifestyle and structure of a professional athlete always has appealed to me. Deep into my playing career I suffered a severe ankle injury to which shattered my dreams of perusing my dream of becoming a professional athlete.

This set back was almost a blessing in disguise, it then made me turn my attention to the health and fitness industry, experiencing this set back was something completely new for me, and it wasn’t until a rehab session I had awaken into what I wanted to do in life. Having the thought of being able to help people in challenging and confronting times, is something that would give me great satisfaction, being able to understand on a relatable level what challenges hurdles is faced, being able to impact people’s life inspired me to complete my Certificate IV in Fitness.

My principles on life have always revolved around the professional athlete lifestyle I live by clean eating and trying to obtain optimal health to the best of my ability. I also am a strong believer exercise is should be involved in everyone’s life in some way, shape or form, as I love to show people the big benefits of a fit and healthy lifestyle. My favourite type of training style is weight lifting/ strength and conditioning training. Abiding by these methods goes hand in hand with how I believe optimal results are best achieved. Being a Body composition/ transformation coach I love specialising in transforming peoples lives around and showing all newcomers around the weights room. I also have a strong passion in cardiovascular performance and love working with athletes and everyday clients in improving everyday fitness levels.


Certificate III in Fitness
Certificate IV in Fitness
First Aid

Bart Kubiczek

| IT Manager | Personal Trainer |

Over 12 years ago I could barely reach shoelaces over my own belly and couldn’t communicate with others, yet the events made me go from there to become a personal trainer, gym manager and now sales & marketing guy for Body Revival.

Long story short, I was so frustrated with where I was and worried about my health that the challenge of hard exercises became insignificant. I joined with a Muay Thai Gym in a back alley to get people to kick me into shape and started working on my diet.

I have met a lot of great people in there and found my passion for fitness and martial arts (sneaked in a few fights and BJJ comps when I had more time). After years of personal journey I wanted to share my knowledge and help people find their happiness, by taking care of their body and mind.

As you can guess I specialise in weight loss, toning and functional strength to improve the quality of life for my clients.

In the next few years I will be developing my MMA career, while growing as an IT specialist.


-Certificate III in Fitness
-Certificate IV in Fitness (Personal Trainer)
-Certificate I in MMA for Fitness
-Certificate II in MMA for Fitness (Advanced)
-Advanced First Aid and CPR
-Risk Management in Fitness Industry

Sam Steel

| Personal Trainer | Strength & Conditioning Coach | CrossFit Coach | Olympic Lifting and Power Lifting Coach | Power Lifting Competitor | 

When I was younger, I loved athletics, and basketball. I would grab any opportunity I could to run as fast as I could, or go down to the stadium to play basketball with my mates. I believe this was a big influence leading to me following a career in the health and fitness industry. This evolved to me regularly participating in sports and exercise throughout school years, all the way to year 12 when we had to start thinking about what we wanted to do after school had finished.

The natural pathway for me was to continue to do something that I already loved, so I signed up for my Diploma of Fitness as a gateway to my Exercise Science Degree. I became a PT so I could start working in the industry while I was at uni, and fell in love with helping people with their health and fitness goals. Once I finished my degree I knew that this was the career for me and have worked on becoming the best coach I can be ever since.
I go by a simple saying when it comes to training, coaching, or any other endeavour I’ve encountered, that is: Work Hard, and Have Fun!

I believe this attitude is what sets us up for the best possible chance at succeeding, especially at the gym, and I always do my best to help others create an environment in which they can have the best chance to succeed.
Personal goals of mine include representing Australia in Olympic Weightlifting, and becoming one of the best weightlifting and strength and Conditioning Coaches going around!


Bachelor of Exercise Science
Diploma of Fitness
Cert 3+4 Fitness
Level 1 AWF Weightlifting Coach
Level 1 Crossfit Coach

Dennis Pereira

| Strength & Conditioning Coach | Powerlifting Coach | Personal Trainer |


I began training at the gym from the age of 13, ragging along with my older brother before individually training by myself from the age of 14. While I was training at the gym, I was also juggling a career in athletics, specialising in the 100m and 200m sprints. When I turned 17 I competed in my first powerlifting competition, and within that same year I ended up breaking 3 national records and winning a national championship. At 19 years old I underwent 2 hip arthroscopic surgery’s, tore both my shoulder labrums and was riddled with patellar tendinitis which took me roughly 5 years to fully recovery from. I made a return to powerlifting at the age of 23 in 2019, winning my first gold medal in the open age category at a local competition. Being patient for 5 years and becoming a better overall coach and athlete during this time is truly what has made me passionate about the fitness industry today.


I believe everyone should have a sound understanding of the basic compound movements, how to perform them with good technique, how they’re programmed and how to track their calories and macronutrients in order to achieve their goals. I believe in a science-based/factual approach to training and strongly believe that everyone should be using the current up to date information to guide their training for optimal results.


I specialise in mainly strength and hypertrophy training. I have had extensive experience in both of these areas, and also specialise in powerlifting specific training programs.


Powerlifting Coach Level I
Certificate III & IV in Fitness
First Aid and CPR
Bachelor of Exercise Science (currently studying)

Maja Samardzioska

| CrossFit Coach | Boxing Coach |

Growing up I was known as the skinny petite girl that can run fast. Being part of the athletics team through my school days has been my stepping foot in sports. However, things changed greatly during uni. Morning “fasted training” meant 2 giant coffees with half a pack of smokes, followed by 10h of my dream job a.k.a being tied down to a chair staring at the computer screen. Not to mention my eating habits were all over the place with night trips to the bakery across the road from my apartment to get freshly baked pastries at 2am… It wasn’t long until all of it had its toll on my body.

From lower back pain to not being able to climb two flights of stairs without losing breath. I remember being on the bus one morning with back pain so bad it felt like knives were going through my waist. I was only 26, it was 7am in the morning with the entire day ahead to live with that pain!

The alarm bell for change went off after facing a few more serious health issues. First step was quitting smoking, then going back to running and slowly changing the way I viewed food and the effects it had on my overall well-being. With my two older brothers being involved in competitive martial arts, and to their insisting, 6 years ago I had a taste of kickboxing and fell in love with it.

After moving to Melbourne, signing up with Body Revival has been the turning point in my fitness journey. Not being intimidated to play around with a barbell on some days and dance around the ring with humans twice my size on other days is my new way of life with focus on well balanced nutrition. Being skinny does not necessarily mean being healthy. I have been skinny all my life, but never fit, strong or healthy.

Living in a healthy body that moves freely and that has a happy relationship with food is the number one principle I live by today. If I could make a change in my life everyone can!

With that in mind being a motivation and inspiration to as many people around me, helping them in achieving their goals and being a better version of themselves is another thing that makes my heart warm.


Certificate III in Fitness
First Aid and CPR

Katelyn Borg

| Strength & Conditioning Coach | Group Training Coach | Personal Trainer |

Growing up I was the little girl who loved playing sport. You would always find me with a messy bun, wearing some form of activewear. At age 11, I entered the world of competitive swimming. My journey as a competitive swimmer had seen me reach a state and national level. I achieved a career highlight at my last Victorian Sprint Championships at age 19, where I medaled. I established my passion for Strength and Conditioning during my career as a swimmer. Being an athlete taught me the value of hard work and dedication. I worked hard in the pool, in the gym, and away from training to reach my goals.

Looking back, not much has changed. That little girl with the messy bun in activewear has only grown to become more passionate and more determined. I now find myself captivated by understanding the concepts behind each movement along with learning about the biomechanics, physiology, and anatomy of the human body. Combining these passions with my desire to assist, encourage and inspire others I have perused a career as a Strength and Conditioning Coach, Personal Trainer, Gym Instructor, and Swimming Coach. I aspire to one day work in high-performance sport. I am currently pursuing my aspirations as a Sports and Exercise Science student.

I enjoy coaching as it gives me the ability to share my passion with individuals who are only establishing theirs. I am so grateful for the opportunity to have such a positive impact on individuals around me; inspire, assist, encourage, and share my knowledge. I frequently find myself reflecting on my coaching philosophy. It continually evolves, one aspect which has always been an underpinning factor is how I utilize my passion to assist others to achieve their own goals, no matter what they are.


Level One Strength and Conditioning Coach – ASCA
Level 1 Registered Exercise Professional: Personal Trainer and Gym Instructor – Fitness Australia
Swimming Australia Development Coach
CPR & First Aid
Bachelor of Sports and Exercise Science (currently studying)

Ahmad Alaya

| Strength & Conditioning Coach | Boxing Coach | Personal Trainer | 

From a young age I loved sports and played all kinds of sports, always being involved in school teams and playing in local competitions. I was also a grade A student and when I reached my senior year I had the chance to study many things but I had a passion for sports and I choose a bachelor of physical education.

During my years of studying I fell sick and slept in the hospital for a couple of weeks and that was mainly due to my lack of nutrition, when I left the hospital it opened my eyes to an area I lacked deeply in which was the balance between my exercising and nutrition. That’s the moment I can really say I became addicted to this lifestyle. I started focusing on all aspects of the industry from training to eating and last but not least resting. I understood that all three factors play as equally to my fitness journey.

I started working in my early years as a PE teacher in schools and that’s also involved training soccer school teams. I was also a freelance personal trainer on the side. I decided to continue my studies while I was working and did a masters in fitness exercise. I was always open to new and exciting opportunities and I had the chance to go to UAE and train their jet fighter pilots, so I decided to put my studies on hold and went for a two year contract. I went back to Jordan and continued what I was doing, then I was approached by the gym manager and suggested that I take a break from schools and become a full time personal trainer because he saw how good I was and how all my clients were progressing and happy with their body transformations. After the first year of being a personal trainer. I was working at fitness first and started progressing through the ranks from level 1 and within three years I was a fitness manager for their platinum gym.

Throughout my years of studies and working I have reached a believe that training by itself is not enough and the nutrition aspect is very important to your body transformation I have always been on a proper nutrition adjusting it to my body requirements and depending on my exercise schedule. I also believe that everybody is different and they react differently to the food you eat and hence I was always researching and studying as hard to find the nutrition value in my diet as hard as I was to research my exercising schedule.

For many years throughout my career I heard many people talk about how they reach a stage in their fitness journey where they feel they can’t progress and grow any further. After researching many fields in the industry I found the strength and conditioning to be my passion and through this type of training I found it possible to help all type of athletes from school kids to colleague students all through to professional athletes. A good coach combines up-to date, proven training methods with effective communication to inspire athletes to break through barriers and achieve greatness.


Master degree in fitness exercise
Level 1 S&C registered with ASCA
Cert III in fitness
Cert IV in fitness registered with fitness Australia association
IFPA (International Fitness Professionals Association)
First Aid and CPR