High Intensity Training

Body Revival High Intensity Training is the only Group training program, that is designed to incorporate all styles of training including endurance, stamina, strength, speed, hypertrophy, cardiovascular, power, performance and more..

Each program is designed to focus on a different element of fitness whilst using a variety of functional and strength based equipment.

Every session is completely different and is designed to challenge you while incorporating fun, variety, excitement and quality coaching to ensure you are getting the most out of each and every workout!!

Our High Intensity Program caters toward those who just want to start moving, ensure they’re season ready for their preferred sport or have one amazing workout, feel the body sweat and get stronger.

The way we are able to do this, is by creating workouts with scalable options and ensuring each program design suits all fitness levels and age groups. Everyone is working at their own pace where they feel most comfortable so whether you want to be pushed to your limits or increase your fitness and muscle tone, this program is exactly what you need!

Body Revival High Intensity Training is the only program designed to ensure you can venture through life with confidence, fitness and strength!



Our H.I.I.T sessions are 45 minutes of fitness designed to get your heart rate up, body moving, and pores sweating in an atmosphere of fun. This class is perfect for the time constrained individual who still wants to get a great workout, feel amazing, and burn away stubborn fat.

H.I.I.T Benefits

–    Increased metabolism for greater fat burning
–    Greater heart and lung health due to increase in oxygen uptake
–    Full body exercises improve functional strength, mobility, and flexibility
–    Increase in happy brain chemicals (endorphins) through exercising at high intensity with increased heart rate

HIIT Program

H.I.I.T stands for High-intensity-interval-training, which entails doing an exercise for a specific time duration, then resting for a specific time. This class is all about work-to-rest ratio, which is a recipe for burning fat while building awesome levels of cardiovascular fitness. What more could you want out of a 45-minute class? High-intensity also equals high-enjoyment, because doing exercises fast in a social environment where everyone pushes each other definitely gets the excitement going.


Body Revival Bootcamp is where it all began.

This class is the root, which gave birth to the Body Revival experience: Intense, creative, fun, and rewarding. Bootcamp classes will guide you on your fitness journey to create sustainable change in your body and health.


Bootcamp Benefits

–    Tremendous amounts of fun while exercising, which will get you out of the “daily grind”, improve your mood and decrease stress
–    Increased fitness and aerobic levels to make you fitter and better prepared for everyday life
–    Supportive community that will make you feel part of a team. The Social aspect will increase the amount of enjoyment you feel during the class
–    Exposure to a diverse range of exercises and intensity levels, which will develop your overall physical ability

Our Bootcamp members are all shapes and sizes and have varying degrees of fitness levels, but the class standards remain rock solid. It’s all about showing up, training to the best of your ability, and walking away feeling refreshed, energized, and happy.


Bootcamp Classes

Our boot camp classes Combine both Compound (full body) and isolation (single joint) movements to ensure you get a full-calorie burn, which gets you closer to that dream body you’ve always wanted. Combining these movements with a diverse range exercise equipment, including dumbbells, dead balls, kettlebells, barbells, sandbags, and ropes makes every session exciting.

You might be saying to yourself “I need to be fit to start this”. Drop that statement, you don’t need to be fit to start. Bootcamp classes are designed for all levels, and our community is unmatched with its level of encouragement and support towards one another.



After a quick, supercharged, calorie blazing class to fit in to your tight schedule?

Metcon is the perfect class for you! Metcon, which is short for metabolic conditioning, is a 45 minute class designed to give you a good dose of cardiovascular conditioning. We use all the functional training equipment you can imagine in a fun and engaging atmosphere. Come try one of our fast paced, time efficient Metcon classes today.

Functional Fitness

No machines, only functional, free weight equipment in a high intensity environment.

The functional fitness class gets our members moving, sweating, and burning calories using only functional training equipment such as sleds, ropes, dead-balls, sandbags, TRX suspensions, Dumbbells, Barbells, and much more! Improve your movement, lose weight, and have loads of fun with functional fitness.

Body Tone

Welcome to Body Tone,  where it’s all about getting toned, creating curves and building basic strength.

There’s an art to toning the body and defining your muscles, and at Body Revival, we have a perfect class which teaches you just that.


–    Learning how to use weights safely and effectively, especially first-timers in the gym
–    Using a proven system that tones and shapes the body so you can reach your body transformation goals
–    Build foundation of strength that carries over to your daily tasks outside of the gym

Body Tone is our foundation class which aims to start you on your journey, allowing you to learn how to use weights to tone and sculpt the body. It’s a circuit style class which uses dumbbells, kettlebells, cables, barbells, and bodyweight movements as the main tools. But our overarching goal is to provide you with a class that teaches and supports you on how to use weights safely and effectively to build a healthy, lean, and strong body in a safe and fun environment.

Mums n Bubs

Body Revival

Mums & Bubs

Do you feel like the demands of being a full-time mom are hampering you from getting to the gym? Do you have a newly born that needs to be side by side with you as you go about your daily business? Not to worry, Body Revival offers mum & bubs classes where you can bring your children down and have them relax in a safe environment while you do your class.

Mums & Bubs is not an exclusive type of fitness class. Instead it is a time slot (specifically 9:30 am) where you can bring in your children and have them in close proximity while you train. Depending on what day throughout the week, the mums and bubs class could be a bootcamp, boxing fit, or strength & conditioning. Whatever class it is, this your time to come down with your kids and know you can get in a good workout.



There is nothing more fulfilling then overcoming an obstacle and pushing yourself to a level that you thought you couldn’t, we focus on building endurance to ensure you’re well prepared and equipped for anything that life throws at you. A fitness style that will ensure you can tackle anything, the workouts are designed to see how far you can push yourself in the time given…YOU GOT YOU!!!



Do you want to build lean muscle and get fit AF at the same time? The combination of hypertrophy resistance training and working your cardiovascular fitness is the perfect combo to build lean muscle and burn excess calories! Expect to use Barbells, Dumbbells, Kettlebells, Weight Plates with some sneaky heart pumping cardio! A VERY POPULAR WORKOUT…



High Intensity Interval Training has taken the world by storm with a combination of 110% effort followed by rest intervals that will allow you to go again, again and again…H.I.I.T training has been proven to burn excess calories even outside of your training sessions. The combination of work to rest ratios will allow you to enjoy maximal effort with rest periods! HIT THIS WOKROUT HEAD ON!



Training is always fun with friends, partner up with one of your fit fam and challenge yourself to get the workout done together…these workouts are designed to work with a partner or team, the challenge is completed together! Remember Teamwork makes the dream work so partner up and take your training session to the next level! BOOM!



ok, ok, ok…WE ALL know that amazing feeling of completing a sweaty session and how bloody amazing you feel afterwards. This cardio intense session is designed to ensure you continue to feel great for days after your workout, you will no doubt, breath better, feel better, think better and overall be in a better place when you complete this session! Embrace the burn and reap the benefits of a mix of cardio and functional movements that will take you to ANOTHER LEVEL!



We all love a surprise, don’t we? A combination of incorporating all styles of training in the one program from High Intensity, Strength Training and CrossFit. A workout that will keep you on your toes and begging for more fitness fun!! This program is GUARANTEED to give you the best of EVERYTHING get strong, get quick and get fit! GO FOR IT!



A fitness program designed and originally created for some of the best athletes in the world, the warrior system is designed to ensure you drop fat, build muscle and feel bloody amazing. A warrior is defined as anyone who is prepared to work hard, develop their inner strength and wanting to better themselves. The warrior workout is a combination of strength, speed and team work. UNLEASH YOUR INNER WARRIOR POTENTIAL.



Its time to hustle for the muscle, a high intensity hypertrophy program that has been built to give you a full body, head to toe workout experience. We use traditional strength based equipment mainly barbells, dumbbells and kettlebells to ensure we work every single part of your body, get ready to build lean muscle and tone ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING!



AMRAP, As Many rounds as Possible, and we do exactly that! You are blessed with a workout and a time is given to complete the workout as many time as you can in. Varied times, different workouts, assortment of equipment and a diversity of exercises to ensure excitement in the challenge! Push yourself to go further and break through mental barriers…3, 2, 1 GO!



The pyramid style workout is designed to start at the bottom, reach the top, then when you think you have nothing left, you’re blessed with working your way down the reps range and you are given that opportunity to find this inner strength that allows you to accomplish the battle ahead…your goal here is to hit the peak then when you hit the top your reps start to decrease! LET’S DO THIS…



Every Minute on the Minute….that’s exactly what it is! Every minute we POWER through an exercise and once you complete the recommended rep range in the minute you get to REST for the remainder of the minute. A very cheeky workout….seems easy at the start but as you progress the challenge is evident! HAVE FUN woohoo!



If you want to sweat, burn maximal calories, challenge yourself and take your fitness to a level that you only once imagined then look no further. We keep this session very simple by using the most amazing training machine ever created by god on the planet, YOUR OWN BODY in combination with some sleek cardio equipment that is powered by the one and only YOU! A session that you will never regret you completed…YOU GOT THIS!!!



Ever wanted to get super strong and to move quick at the very same time…this session has been inspired by a sport that has been around for hundreds of years and that sport is strong man / woman. This session has been inspired and uses various strong man / woman functional movements…the goal here is to move heavy things quick! Time to get SUPER STRONG!



Tabata training is one of the most popular forms of high intensity interval training. It consists of Ultra High Intensity exercise in specific 20 seconds of work followed directly to 10 seconds of rest. We complete the same movement for 6 rounds. Time to SPEED things up in short burst! An addictive yet satisfying workout that gets you screaming for more…


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