4.7 Body Tone

Body Tone is a high intensity weight session. It is very different from our boot camp style training. With Body Tone there is NO running involved. It is predominately a weight session. With Body Tone we usually cater for around 24 people per class. Body Tone is always set up in the back section of the gym where the cable machines are.

We use equipment such as:

  • Kettle bells
  • Dumbbells
  • Cable Machines
  • Torsinator
  • Battle ropes
  • Balls including, wall, dead and medicine.

There are a number of ways you can run a Body Tone session. What we mainly focus on is the following:

  • Circuits
  • Super Sets
  • Partner work
  • Tabata style training
  • Weights super setting with body weight, etc.   

*NOTE: All super setting is generally done with a partner.

We find body tone really works well when the classes are partner based as it encourages the members to push harder.

You can either make the rounds 1 minute, 45 seconds or 30 seconds and you can make the rest time 10 or 15 seconds. We generally have around 12 stations set up. You don’t want to add in too many stations, as it takes too long to get through the explanations and cuts into the session time too much.

The process of a body tone session is as follows:

  1. Have the stations all prepared before the class gets started- including the timer on the correct time allocation. (Timer found on top of the microwave)
  2. Always good to number your stations, so the members are aware of what direction/order to go in.
  3. Demonstrate the exercises- explain what muscle they are working and make sure you go through technique with every exercise- shouldn’t take any longer than 5-7 mins.
  4. After you have explained the stations, stretch the body out for 2-3 mins.
  5. Get all the members to start on a station each. Have the clock/timer ready to go.
  6. Throughout the session, make sure you are vocal, count down from 10 seconds so everyone is aware the end is near.
  7. Make sure you go around fixing everyone’s technique and making sure the members are working their hardest, using the weights that are challenging them. Always praise and encourage members and let them know they are doing a great job (positive reinforcement).
  8. Half way through the class, pause for a drink break.
  9. Finish the class approx. 5mins before the end. Get everyone to help pack away all the weights.
  10. Sit everyone on the ground, stretch and deliver News and Promo

Common Body Tone exercises include:

  • Pull down- close grip, lat, overhand, under
  • Seated row
  • Cable upright row
  • Cable bicep Curl
  • Triceps exercises on the cable machines
  • Dips
  • Step Ups
  • Squats
  • Ab exercises
  • KB exercises
  • Fit ball Exercises
  • Lunges

Example of Body Tone Workout Program

Partner work. Equipment and body weight exercises.
45 seconds on 15 seconds off 2 Rounds

Seated row
Supinated lat pull down
KB squat
Triceps Pushdown
Bicep curls (cable)
Chest flys (cable)
KB deadlift
Deadball slam with half burpee
DB punches
Russian twist with plate
Reverse flys DB
Leg press

Push ups
Sit ups
Ankle taps
Mountain climbers
Side plank
Ab rows
Squat hold
Laying leg hold
Shoulder taps