4.1 Our Programs


Over more than a decade, Body Revival has grown rapidly to become the largest group fitness company in Victoria. We pride ourselves in our tailor made personal service and approach to our members, delivering fun and result oriented training as well as a unique blend of training approach to ensure results. These are the components that make us unique:



  • Focusing on group training for everyone from all walks of life with different goals to achieve. Offering Boot Camp, Body Tone, Mums and Bubs, Boxing Fit, HIT, Functional Fitness and METCON.
  • Main target market: everyone from athlete to a complete beginner in exercise
  • Component of program: fun, full of variety, ever changing workout in every session, supportive, achievable and guaranteed results



  • Focusing on strength, conditioning and athletic performance based program, predominantly barbell and dumbbell work.
  • Main target market: athletes and sporting clubs, corporate organizations, kids (personal and athletic clubs) and general populations.
  • Component of program: high intensity, athletic conditioning and performance improvement, strength and muscle development, coordination and functional training.


Body Revival CrossFit

  • A worldwide specialised program focusing on strength and conditioning
  • Main target market: designed for all fitness¬†levels, utilising different intensity and training load to suit experience level.
  • Component of program: works through 3 main training areas and they are cardio, gymnastic and Olympic weightlifting. The regimen is constantly varied and functional movements performed at high intensity in a supportive environment.