Sam Steel

| Personal Trainer | Strength & Conditioning Coach | CrossFit Coach | Olympic Lifting and Power Lifting Coach | Power Lifting Competitor | 

When I was younger, I loved athletics, and basketball. I would grab any opportunity I could to run as fast as I could, or go down to the stadium to play basketball with my mates. I believe this was a big influence leading to me following a career in the health and fitness industry. This evolved to me regularly participating in sports and exercise throughout school years, all the way to year 12 when we had to start thinking about what we wanted to do after school had finished.

The natural pathway for me was to continue to do something that I already loved, so I signed up for my Diploma of Fitness as a gateway to my Exercise Science Degree. I became a PT so I could start working in the industry while I was at uni, and fell in love with helping people with their health and fitness goals. Once I finished my degree I knew that this was the career for me and have worked on becoming the best coach I can be ever since.
I go by a simple saying when it comes to training, coaching, or any other endeavour I’ve encountered, that is: Work Hard, and Have Fun!

I believe this attitude is what sets us up for the best possible chance at succeeding, especially at the gym, and I always do my best to help others create an environment in which they can have the best chance to succeed.
Personal goals of mine include representing Australia in Olympic Weightlifting, and becoming one of the best weightlifting and strength and Conditioning Coaches going around!


Bachelor of Exercise Science
Diploma of Fitness
Cert 3+4 Fitness
Level 1 AWF Weightlifting Coach
Level 1 Crossfit Coach