Body Revival Novice Powerlifting Competitions



Body Revival Novice Powerlifting Competitions

The Body revival novice powerlifting competitions are the perfect opportunity for anyone to come along and test their strength under competition standards in a fun and friendly environment. The day welcomes lifters of all age, gender and experience, perfect for a first timer to try their hand at the sport of powerlifting. It is a perfect stepping stone into the sport of powerlifting or just a fun opportunity to lift something heavy and test your strength.

Our novice competitions are ran with high standards, we have experienced referees, spotters, loaders and coaches to ensure you have the best day of lifting. We assist in assuring you have the best support you need as a first timer, from helping you pick your lifts to giving advice on the technique and understanding of the rules and expectations.

Lifters on the day can wear regular clothing or a softsuit like in regular powerlifting meets. We do encourage shorts/leggings and a t-shirt are worn to make the job of refereeing easier.

Compulsory clothing:

  • A t-shirt must be worn on the squat and bench press lifts.
  • Knee high socks must be worn on the deadlift.
  • Shoes must be worn on every lift.

Recommended clothing/equipment: 

  • Softsuit
  • Leather powerlifting belt
  • Wrist wraps (for squat and bench press lifts)
  • Knee sleeves (for squat lift) OR
  • Knee wraps (for squat lift)






How the day is run and what to expect

All competitors will be asked to arrive early at the allocated time (generally 2 hours before start time) to weigh in. All competitors must weigh in as our scores are done off a wilks score (power to weight ratio).

After weigh ins are all done there will be a competitor’s meeting in which the head judge will go over the rules for all three lifts, how the day will run and what is expected from you.

Depending on numbers there will be normally two flights, women up first then men. Squats are always the first lift of the day. Competitors get 3 attempts at the squat lift followed by three attempts at the bench press and then three attempts at the deadlift.

There are three judges, one head judge and two side judges. Each judge will either give you a white or red flag. White meaning good lift and red meaning no lift. You must get minimum 2 white flags for the lift to count otherwise the lift is a no lift and you lose your attempt. Judges can be strict and you can easily be red flagged for a technical que rather than not actually lifting the weight so a good understanding of the rules is a must.

The biggest lift of each is added up and that creates your total. Your total is what you are ranked off in the final score for your weight class. The overall winners of the day (men and women) are those with the best wilks score.

All competitors are expected to have read and have a good understanding of the rules prior to the day.

But in saying this we have experienced coaches and staff on hand to ensure everyone has a fun day of lifting and the event is ran smooth with no confusion or delay.

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