Your Nutrition is 80% of your results! Poor nutrition will limit your ability to get some great results, therefore the importance of your eating habits in accordance to your goals is imperative.

Body Revival has our very own qualified nutritionist who can write up a personalised nutritional guide written just for you.

Benefits of the Body Revival Nutritional Guides:

  • All nutritional plans are personalised – our plans are written specifically for you with your likes/dislikes, intolerances/allergies, lifestyle and activity levels all taken into consideration.
  • Designed to be a healthy lifestyle change that is achievable and sustainable and can be used for the rest of your life.
  • Simple to understand and follow
  • Cater for the whole family
  • Recipes and a shopping list of recommended foods to purchase are provided
  • Can be updated every 6 weeks

Book in with our nutritionist to improved you nutrition on 0427 474 288 OR 04111 36803.