My athleticism started in high school sports. I played rugby full time and also dabbled in basketball and cricket. When I hit the age of 16 I decided to test myself in martial arts. Muay Thai kickboxing was my choice of fighting art. In just over a month I was training 5 days a week at the dojo. Kickboxing became an addiction.

 After 3 months of traveling and soul searching I arrived back in Australia at the age of 18 and decided to become a personal trainer. Stepping into the fitness industry was the best thing I could’ve ever done in my life. My carrier led me to a 7 year stint with fitness first. Within that period I started practising Crossfit, mainly on my own. But I really never experienced Crossfit until I went to my first box and trained in a class. 

Since 2013, Crossfit has been my main training practise. It has radically changed the way I see health and fitness and it has taken my physical capacity to a whole new level. I see myself Crossfiting for the rest of my life! 

1.Favourite Quote

“He who is brave is free

2. Favourite exercise


3. Secret Crush

Wonder woman 

4. Favourite super hero


5. Describe yourself in 3 words

Determined, disciplined, Comical


Cert 3-4 in Fitness

Crossfit Level 2 instructor

F.M.A Level 2 Strength & conditioning 

Rehab Trainer Level 2

C.H.E.K Holistic lifestyle coach