Couldn’t not share this… This incredible lady has lost a massive 5% body fat, gained 3kg of lean muscle mass and dropped 12 years off her metabolic age, all this in just 3 months! Keep up the great work Nural!!! Absolutely killing it!

Final shout out for the year for me and i want to give it to Julie Jones.

I’m so proud of what you’ve achieved and accomplished since we’ve been training together. All your hard work is paying off??

Lets smash 2017 out?

Love Cole
#noexcuses #hardwork #2017

I just want to give a massive shout out to my client Nevena Emsovski for giving it everything shes got. Not only does she have 2 kids to look after but she is all most 35weeks pregnant and still finds time to train.

Love the energy and dedication she brings to every session???

Keep it up?
#noexcuses #allaboutthegains

Cole 🙂

I’m super dooper excited for this weeks shoutout to this superstar Josephine Rahme.
6 weeks ago Josephine came to me asking to help her change her life by guiding her through her weight loss journey and giving her the motivation and support that she needed. Josephine was so nervous and quiet and struggled with her first Pt session and kept relying on her puffer. But session after session she has come a long way and doesn’t need that puffer anymore and doesn’t stop talking now (which I love, because I love talking.)

So in 6 weeks Josephine has lost 6kg and 74cm all over! (I am so proud of this woman!)

She is the true definition of commitment. She has come to every training session with a great attitude and a smile on her face and has been making great choices with her nutrition and making the time to use the my fitness pal app.

So keep up the amazingingness you amazing woman, can’t wait to see what the future brings!

Love, Anastasia x

A SUPER MASSIVE SHOUTOUT TODAY to Harry Wahla ….a massive PT superstar!6 weeks ago, Harry came to join Body Revival family with a clear goal…to increase his size and to drop his body fat. With clear goals and vision, Harry was more than willing to listen when I told him that he needs to change not just his training, but also his nutrition and the biggest hurdle of all…his lifestyle.

With his busy life as a father, studying full time and working at the same time, Harry still managed to train 5 x week without missing even a session. Only 4 weeks into his new routine, Harry managed to increase his muscle mass by 1.5kg and 10.3cm incremental for his body measurement in total. Not just that, Harry also lost almost 2% of body fat and 3.5cm in total, mainly around his mid-section.

Very impressive and proud achievements so far. I can’t wait to see what else Harry can achieve in 4 weeks time…woohoo!!!Good job, Harry!!! Keep your eyes on the prize and it will be yours eventually.

– Khai 🙂


Elizabeth is an absolute inspiration to all mums and everyone out there…running her own business she works ridiculous hours, has kids and continually battling with lifes constant personal battles BUT she still managers to get up and train in the morning…SHE GETS IN AND GETS SHIT DONE!

I am sooooooo proud of this woman…always so highly stressed with so many things on her mind she unleashes every single session by putting 110% she has recently dropped around 5kg in the last 6wks she’s a fighter, an inspiration and another BODY REVIVAL SHARK!

what we can learn from both these inspirational SHARKS is that when life kicks you in the ass and put you down and tries to drowned you, you can still get up and swim, attack and push forward!




Sue and Alex have been smashing our CrossFit sessions and this week at the combined age of 40 years young they mastered the handstand hold WOOOO!!!!!

These guys are great fun to work with and always arrive at our CrossFit sessions with a big smile and raring to go! Over the last few weeks they have pushed themselves and the progress they have achieved so far is immense! You are an inspiration to us all and a true sign that CrossFit is for everyone!

Big Love, 
Scottish Fraz

Member shout out to two of my regular legends from my Functional athlete session. 
Firstly is Rhi Rhi- she is a regular at my 6:30pm FUNCTIONAL ATHLETE class. What I love about her is that she gives everything a go no matter what limitations she is faced with e.g her knees! Her can do attitude is infectious and she always is willing to push herself the hardest she can from the moment she arrives till the very end. She has lost a MASSIVE 20kg since joining us in August!!!! Can you believe that!!!!!! Rhi Rhi your an inspiration to many!!! Keep up the amazing job your doing and I’m sure we will smash your weight loss goals together as a team. Woohoo
Ps check out her cheeky smile at the end if this vid!

Second shout it is to another regular of mine!!!! MATT ! I love training people like Matt as I know he comes to his sessions to train hard. He has a all or nothing attitude. Matt gives every exercise his all and his fitness level has skyrocketed since the time he started with us! The harder the exercise and session the more he thrives! I love the energy he brings to his sessions and love when he leaves with rosey red cheeks. Keep smashing it Matt! Love you work!!!


It’s that time again.. I would like to give a massive shout out to Jason Comeau!

Jase has trained with me for close to 4 years now and in that time he has brought to every single session nothing but sheer determination and a hard working attitude. Oh and some excellent dance moves!!

My favourite thing about Jase is that when he finds something challenging, our session becomes silent, he gets his game face on and he will not give up until it is done and done properly!! I know that in his mind he has just said “challenge accepted” and is going home on a mission to master that exercise!!

Jase had a recent set back with a back injury. He has been determined and focused to get back to where he was pre-injury + more! He has worked so hard and I’m incredibly proud of him!!

Jase, thanks for making training you so enjoyable! Keep doing what you’re doing! You are amazing!! ??


Jodie 🙂

Huge shout out to Joel Curnow. Joel has been training with me for almost a year now and in that time has achieved more than I could have asked for. When he came to me, Joel was leading an unhealthy lifestyle, smoking, not exercising and poor diet. He wanted a change and was committed to do whatever it would take to look and feel better. We put together a diet and training program and Joel has followed that 100%, coming to every single session without fail and his results have shown. On our first session I remember Joel looking at the bottom rack of Dumbbells and saying “does any one actually lift those?” Your now part of the bottom rack dumbell club. Keep it up legend.

Zac 🙂

MASSIVE SHOUT OUT to my legends of PT clients Margaret Conti & Emma Conti!!!! These two lovely ladies have been with me from the very beginning back at the start of this year and have been NEVER missed a session!!!! They are so so so consistent and eager with their training which makes my job so much more enjoyable! They come in each week with a smile and ready to go! They love a good challenge and will attempt and smash out any workout I throw at them! Week in and week out they are achieving amazing goals whether that be strength or body composition goals! Keep kicking goals girls, you’re both killing it and you’re both a pleasure to train and be around! Much love ladies!!!!

Here’s a cute selfie of us 3! ? Meg x

SHOUT OUT to my awesome pt clients Stefanie Kostic and Laura Di Domenica!! Ur amazing attitude and commitment to health and fitness has definitely shown with results of Stef losing 7cm around her belly and Laura losing 2kg in 6 weeks! Yay so proud of you both! Many more fun and sweaty times ahead so we can smash out more results.


Anastasia 🙂

SHOUT OUT TO Tyson Austin

Tyson started his journey with us 6 months and has continues to progress gradually week by week…When he first started training he was a quite guy who kept to himself.

The 10WK TRANSFORMATION I’ve seen a different Tyson, a Tyson who grabs an opportunity by both Hands runs with it, a Tyson who sees an obstacle and figures out how to over come it, a Tyson who doesn’t make bullshit excuses and makes things happen, A Tyson who continues to progress and betters himself week by week…and WOW this man has achieved so much.

Myself and the BR TEAM are so freakin proud of you mate, and couldn’t be happier with how much you have progressed!

Thanks For being a part of BR FAMILY

You deserve all the health and fitness the world can offer…CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR SUCCESS in the 10WK TRANSFORMATION PROGRAM keep smashing LIFE!