I’m Mellisa or known as Mel J

I grew up in NSW with my family being my parents and 3 brothers. We spent most of our days down by the beach, going to hippy markets and always spending time outdoors.

Being the only girl meant I had a battle on my hands, always trying to compete with my brothers and get one over them.

My brothers grew up playing footy so of course I wanted to be just like them.

From this I started playing footy (AFL) with them from junior league.

My family moved to Melbourne in my high school years therefore I was introduced to the women’s league of footy.  I started playing senior Women’s footy and never looked back.

I’ve currently played for 13 years, Captained my side, played for Victoria, Played in many finals serious and been a 2x Premiership player. A true passion of mine!

Footy has taught me so much about commitment, dedication to your training, I gained many leadership qualities and of course being a part of a team.

Always being physically active and loving anything sport or fitness related I then started training in the gym where I then found a new interest for the body building side, leading me to gain more knowledge in the fitness industry.

I’m now a mother to my beautiful son Jed, who is nearly 5 years old.

After having Jed I decided to have a year off Footy and try something different.

My choice being Crossfit. I have trained and competed both individually and in teams for the past 4 years. I have developed a real love for crossfit as it offers such variety to your training and the choice to get out on the gym floor and compete too.

Sharing in my passion for a healthy lifestyle this has stemmed through to my son also. He is also a Body Revival Fit Kid loving his training too.

I’m extremely passionate about health and wellbeing. I love training, sharing my knowledge and experience with others. I’m looking forward to constantly developing further, coaching and helping others achieve their health and fitness goals too.