Mark Brackley

I  CrossFit Coach   I  Strength & Conditioning Coach  I  Functional Fitness Instructor  I 

Growing up in the UK I spent most of my early years being obsessed with football (translate: soccer) but tried my hands at almost all sports from tennis to rugby to basketball. I have a huge passion for boxing and even fought for my professional boxing licence in Korea while working as a teacher there. I always saw sport as just for fun or making sure I looked good and never really thought much about my overall health and fitness.

After arriving in Australia, my corporate career took center stage and my health deteriorated. I drank, smoked, worked and partied too hard and put on a ton of weight. That’s when 2 things happened that would turn everything around; I met my wife and I found Crossfit. Being fit and healthy into old age suddenly became a high priority. I wanted to start a family and by dedicating my training to improving all areas of fitness, I could maximise the chance of staying out of the care home and running around after my future grandchildren in to my later years. I’d never had such a long-term view of my health and fitness but by having a clear goal and applying consistent dedication, I lost loads of body fat, looked better than I had 10 years before and had a load of fun learning loads of cool new skills.

I have since quit my corporate job, retrained in fitness and am dedicating the rest of my life to helping others become fitter and healthier for the rest of their lives. I truly believe that too many people in our society are sick, and the solution is not only simple, it’s really fun. Eat good food, exercise with friends and teach your body to do amazing things.


Bachelor of Science Degree- Business Management (2:1)
CELTA Post-grad ESL Teaching Qualification
Certificate III in Fitness
CrossFit Level 1
CrossFit Moreland CrossFit Coaching Internship
Certificate IV in Fitness