Lisa Arsoska

| Personal Trainer | Strength & Conditioning Coach | Functional Fitness Instructor | Boot Camp Instructor |

I never really grew up in a sporty family but I always really enjoyed long distance running as a child throughout my primary school years and I remember always being one of the girls that kept up with all the boys in PE class. As a teenager however, I began a fairly long battle with depression initially and then throughout my adult life, started to experience very severe Anxiety. Once I was able to deal with the fact that the anxiety would just have to be something I would ‘manage’ as a part of myself I pushed myself outside of my comfort zone and into Muay Thai. I trained 5-6 days a week, I even trained intensively ( 6 hrs a day ) in a Thai camp for three weeks and eventually had two amateur Muay Thai fights, alongside my husband 😊 Through this I learnt how far I could actually push my body and the changes in my overall health and fitness levels were massive.

Training became one of the most important management strategies for my own mental health alongside better nutrition, Meditation and practicing gratitude. But the Muay Thai was tough on my body and I never felt as ‘strong’ as I wanted to, so I resolved to throw myself headlong into resistance training for strength…then my Son came along and through a very tough pregnancy I was too unwell to exercise. As soon as I got the all clear at 6 weeks I began a 10 week weights based challenge to lose the almost 20kg I had put on during pregnancy. When I began, I couldn’t even do body weight lunges without the support of two bar stools beside me; my home gym was a couple of dumbbells and a large piece of carboard on the concrete! I won the challenge and was thoroughly hooked on weight training. That was 3.5 years ago. Earlier in 2017 I decided to start training more for strength and in August 2017 I competed in my first ever Powerlifting meet. It was such a fun, exciting and challenging experience and I cant wait to do it again.

Weight training has totally changed my life and allowed me to feel so much more confident in my own skin. Instead of focussing solely on the way I look, I am constantly striving to get stronger and improve on my technique and I am thankful for all the amazing stuff my body can do. Because of this my passion definitely lies in Strength and Conditioning and helping others to see how beneficial consistent weight training is for not only the physical benefits but also the psychological benefits.

Health is really wealth and I believe food and exercise are the most under utilised tools for achieving both physical and emotional health and well-being. My dream is to help as many people realise their own potential, their own resilience, their own strength, their own bad-assery! And to the women who doubt themselves and feel less than perfect, I say come in and pick up some iron, surprise yourself and learn just how amazing you ARE! I want an army of strong AF women, who can help raise strong AF girls who do not base their worth on their appearance because they don’t think they look like the girls on social media or in magazines. Because you are SO much more than that.


Certificate 3 in Fitness

Certificate 4 in Personal Training