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Crossfit is the worlds most well-rounded fitness program.

If you’re looking for an approach to training that is broad, inclusive, and dynamic in it’s approach, then Crossfit is for you. It has a mix of everything, from weightlifting through bodyweight movements, to cardiovascular conditioning, all in one session. Not to mention CrossFit’s elite standard of coaching, this class will have you falling in love with fitness while melting away body fat, no matter what level you’re at.

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Crossfit Benefits

–    Constantly varied workouts so you become well rounded in your fitness game and can be ready for any physical task life throws at you.
–    Builds overall functional strength so you don’t have to worry about injuring yourself doing heavy lifting and “man” duties outside of the gym.
–    Increases mobility and flexibility through performing functional movements patterns with adherence to strict form. Moving through the full range of motion in exercises while stacking! Our elite coaches will make sure you move well.
–    A simultaneous increase in strength and cardiovascular capacity, making you both fit and strong.
–    Training in an engaging community where everyone supports each other through the workouts. Everyone is welcome and no one is left behind.
-Ignite weight loss and tone your body while getting fit and strong

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Crossfit Program

The Body Revival Crossfit program is designed for unlimited scalability, making it a fitness program designed for absolutely anyone, from the stay at home moms and “average Janes and Joes” to the more hungry fitness enthusiast. Our Friendly and professional Crossfit coaches can guide you through your own fitness journey by changing any movements to fit your level. Making sure you have a fun and rewarding experience is of the utmost importance to our coaches.

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Is CrossFit for me?
Many people often come in to our facility and see the workouts or look on our website and ask if CrossFit is for them. Despite what many people have heard about CrossFit being extremely intense, CrossFit is and can be designed for everyone.The goal of CrossFit is to get YOU in the best physical and MENTAL condition YOU can be. 


WOD simple means (Workout of the Day). Each day has a different workout which we will all complete. Look on the White Board in the gym or click on our WOD section of the website to find out the WOD.

I’m not very fit; is CrossFit for me?

The great thing about CrossFit is that it doesn’t matter how fit you are when you start the most important thing is that you DO start. The whole idea of what we do here at Body Revival is based around helping you increase your current level of fitness and strength, regardless of your fitness baseline. You may not have done any prior exercise before and that’s fine – each and every workout performed has the ability to be scaled to your individual level of fitness and skill (whatever that may be), and our coaches are here to help give you all the support you may need along the way. Most importantly, you don’t need to do any extra training before you come and do a workout with us; all you need to do is turn up with a positive mindset and the rest will fall into place!

But, I’ve never done weightlifting before…

The weightlifting done in CrossFit is very different to the weightlifting you typically see performed in a commercial gym, with CrossFit weightlifting focusing more on the movements you might see at the Olympics. No previous weightlifting experience is necessary – in fact we generally expect that people starting at Body Revival will have very little, if any, weightlifting experience. This means that by starting from scratch you’re at an advantage, as you’ll spend less time unlearning any previous bad habits or incorrect form.

What can I expect in a typical training session?

CrossFit training session run for one hour and involve an initial 5-10 minute warm up before the group is gathered to the whiteboard where the coach for the session explains the workout of the day. All movements are demonstrated and standards explained. Following this, there is a period of skills instruction and warm up drills using the movements and weights specified in the day’s workout. Once the group has thoroughly warmed up and the gym is setup for the workout, the coach will start the timer on the clock and countdown from 3-2-1, with “Go!” signaling the start of the workout. It is important to arrive on time so that you are fully prepared to workout.

Is CrossFit too hard for me?

CrossFit is as hard as you make it. We encourage people to push to the limits of their own tolerances but only you can make the most out of your own workouts with the amount of work you put into them.

How fit do I have to be before I start?

You will never be “fit” enough. That’s why we are here and offer scaling options for each individual so that you can thrive in each workout on a personal level. Fitness is a lifelong journey, we are never really “there”.

Does CrossFit lead to a lot of injuries?

You can injure yourself in any activity, but CrossFit is more safe than many activities people perform every day. We like to work with people in 3 stages. First: mechanics (learning how to do the movements with correct technique), Second: Consistency (the ability to do the movements over and over again with safe and relatively efficient technique), Third: Intensity (the speed at which you do the movements). One does not come before the other. We always start with correct technique and Mechanics above all else.

Will lifting weights make me too big and bulky?

In order for people to get bigger, especially women, there are two things that you would have to make a concerted effort to do. One: pick up very heavy weight on a frequent basis which we do not recommend. Yes, we are very much concerned about your strength and we do lift heavy some days. But this is not our main focus. Two: eat an extremely high calorie diet. For most to gain productive muscle mass takes quite the effort in eating the right foods in a high amount. This is also something that we do not focus on. The majority of the workouts we do provide your muscles with more contractile potential and not hypertrophy (muscle mass). Women in particular will actually find it difficult to get bulky from weight training because they do not have as much testosterone as men do. Lifting weights will in fact help you burn more body fat and make you look more toned.

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