4.8 Boxing Fit

Boxing Fit provides fun and non-threatening environment to everyone from highly skilled boxers to newly boxing enthusiasts. Cater to all fitness levels and age group, the session aims to help improve cardio ability, body strength and coordination, as well as help increase self-confident and awareness. A Boxing Fit session usually consists of wide variety of boxing combinations, body weight training, functional movement and focusing on strength and conditioning.    

Example of Boxing Fit Program

Circuit Combo 1: 5 minutes (AMRAP). Once 5 minutes is up, swap over (TOTAL: 10 minutes)

  • 4 straight punches + 2 half burpees x 10
  • 4 uppercuts + 2 burpees x 10
  • 4 hooks + 2 burpee tuck jumps x 10

Circuit Combo 2: 5 minutes PYRAMID style (TOTAL: 10 minutes)

Combo 1

  • 2 straight punches, 1 push up.
  • 4 straight punches, 2 push ups
  • 6 straight punches, 3 push ups
  • 8 straight punches, 4 push ups
  • 10 straight punches, 5 push ups
  • Once done, reverse that back down starting with 8 and 4 push ups

Combo 2: same as above with hooks and jumping lunge

Combo 3: same as above with high punches and explosive squat

Circuit Combo 3: 5 minutes GAME. (Total time is 10 minutes)

  • Place everyone in 2 separate circles with pad holders form a smaller circle with back against each other, and boxers on the outside facing their partners (pad holders)
  • Get boxers to run around circling the pad holders and when they hear a whistle, stop and do hooks (AMRAP). Once they hear a whistle again, they need to start running again but this time the other way. Repeat this game for up to 5 minutes before swapping over.
  • Boxing combo: hooks, uppercuts, single L straight punches, single R straight punches, high punches.
  • Run can be changed to moving lunges