4.5 Strength and Conditioning

S&C is 12 week strength program utilising periodization method. It is designed to help maximise muscle growth, increase strength and improve power. The 12-week program is divided into 3 programs and changed every 4 weeks to reflect progression. The structure of the programs will be as follow:

  • Periodization 1: Week 1-4
  • Periodization 2: Week 5-8
  • Periodization 3: Week 9-12
  • Tempo, type of exercise, sets and reps will be changed in each programs
  • Split program: Upper/Lower, Push/Pull.
  • 2 x week session is recommended and only 1 split program is used in each session
  • No cardio component.

It is extremely important for all 3 programs to be designed properly to reflect progression and to stay true to the periodization principle.

During a session, clients will be working in a pair to spot and help each other. As S&C is an extremely high intensity strength training program, trainers need to be constantly on alert during session, and all clients need to be properly shown the correct technique at the beginning session.