Possibilities in creating variety of SWEAT programs are endless. We have different pieces of equipment available. Use your imagination! Remember to try and keep it different and never repeat a session. SWEAT program will be posted daily on BR Trainers page and the same program will be used in all SWEAT sessions for the day. Refer to the page before creating a program in order to avoid a repeat.

Here are some ideas to get you going:

  • Circuit Session
  • Every Minute on the Minute
  • Tabata (30 seconds high intensity rounds/minimal rest time)
  • Cardio Session (Running/Suicides/Sprints)
  • AMRAP (As Many Round As Possible)
  • Group work/partner work
  • Obstacle course


Example Partner Workout Program 1

1) Between the partner (pairs) they need to complete x6 runs from our drive way to start of manor and back =1.
2) One done- one partner on the rower until their partner returns.
Partner grabs KB and lunges down drive way-. One at the green they need to complete 5 burpees and run back to their partner on the rower. They swap.
3) Once completed above:
One partner doing x40 wall balls whilst other does x5 sit ups and x5 push-ups until partner completes. Swap.
4) Once done: partner share:
They need to complete between them
200 skips
50 KB swings
60 deep squats.

Once done rest for 1min and get ready to go again.

Example Partner Workout Program 2

6 stations of 5 mins each

Each station has the same rules- one person doing 5 reps of weighted exercise while partner doing body weight. They continue to swap until 5 mins is up then they move to the next station.
As its only 5 reps they should be trying a heavier weight than usual.

Station 1:
X5 KB swings
Body weight = burpee (smash it out until partner done)

Station 2:
X5 DB shoulder alternating punches
Body weight = push-ups

Station 3:
X5 box jumps or step ups
Body weight= lying leg raises

Station 4:
X5 KB thruster
Body weight= 1/2 burpees

Station 5:
X5 bar lunges EL
Body weight= plank jumps

Station 6:
X5 DB slams
Body weight- continuous DB rows in push-up position


Program 2: Obstacle Course

Example Obstacle Course Workout Program
Set up: hurdles, rope (side crawls), cones for suicides, duck walk stations, 400m run, agility cones.

Get the class to divide into groups of 4 and get them starting off at different points to avoid people from crashing into each other.

The obstacle course will start with; hurdles, then 20 sit ups. Followed by side crawls down the rope, then 20 side taps (ab exercise). Followed by suicide runs x3 then 20 leg extensions (ab exercises). Followed by duck walks for 50 metres. Then 400m run followed by 20 top taps. Last component is the agility cones, followed by plank (hold for 45 seconds. Repeat obstacle course 3 times.

Program 3: AMRAP ((As Many Round As Possible)

Example AMRAP Workout Program

10 min AMRAP on each station

Station 1:
Run to McDonalds
40 jumping lunges
30 squats
20 kettlebell swings

Station 2:
Run to billboard
40 shoulder taps in push up position
30 push ups
20 wall balls

Station 3:
500m row
40 mountain climbers
30 sit-ups
20 burpees