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Body Revival – Our Trainers

At Body Revival, we pride ourselves on being unique to other gyms and fitness companies. We want to make sure we provide a service that is exceptionally rare that makes our members feel special. This translates across all of the programs and services offered at Body Revival from Group Fitness to CrossFit, Personal Training to Nutrition and also client support and care.

Our trainers come to every session with an abundance of energy, making everyone feel upbeat and ready to give their session the best go. You need to have high energy levels, open body language, encouraging and motivating outlook that gives our clients the desire to give the session their all. Our members come to our sessions because they enjoy it and want to get a good work out. They deserve our attention, motivation, and encouragement. We cannot have a bad day, as we are on show from the moment we arrive to our session to the moment we leave.

Trainers set the vibe for the session, we are there to lead by example and always provide a service that is highly energised, fun, motivating and encouraging.

You need to make sure that you are available to speak to the clients at the end of the session also. Often clients want to chat or ask a question, make sure you are available to address any issues or concerns they may have.

We are the BIGGEST GROUP FITNESS COMPANY in Victoria, WHY? Because of the personal service and fun filled atmosphere we have created. We need to make sure we sustain that and improve upon it as a team.