4.11 Productivity and Efficiency


  • MindBody plays a major role in Body Revival business and day to day operations. From membership records to consolidating members’ accounts, tracking members’ attendance and activities, business tracking and expenses, expenditure, forecasting income, scheduling staff shifts and bookings, classes and much more.
  • BR app, which also powered by MindBody, allowing our members to book a session in advance, accessing our timetable at the palm of their hand, monitor the movement of their accounts directly, and giving them accountability to their weekly training schedule and movement.

MindBody Business App

  • All staff are required to download the MindBody Business app.
  • All your shifts, your bookings (Personal Training, meeting, InBody scan appointment, break, cleaning schedule and others), classes and availability are scheduled using MindBody. By using MindBody Business app, it allows you to access your schedule directly and easily.
  • MindBody log in:

Username: your email address in our system

Password: Bodyrevival1

*password differ depending on your position and level of authority within Body Revival. Password shown is utilised for Personal Trainers with limited access only.

  • Depending on your position and scope of responsibility within Body Revival, everyone has a different level of authority access to the MindBody app and software.
  • It is vital that you check your MindBody app daily, as sometimes we book in a last-minute booking into your schedule without prior notice. This doesn’t happen often, but to avoid any issues, please make sure that you are aware of all your daily appointments before coming to work.
  • You also need to use your MindBody Business app when logging in members who come to your classes. As your classes are permanently scheduled on MindBody, it will give you access to information such as:
  • The number of members pre-booked for your class. This will allow you to set up appropriately for your class with the amount of equipment needed ect
  • Who are coming to your class? You will have a better idea if you have worked with them before and what their capabilities are like, or if they are new to BR, ect.
  • Know their name in advance. As we pride ourselves with our personalised service, knowing your members’ name is one of the most important things you need to master.
  • Checking in/logging in members using your MindBody Business app will also provide you a chance and in other word, forces you to get out of your comfort zone and start a conversation with members. This will help create a better rapport and relationship with them.

To-Do list app

  • This app is a task management tool use by all Full Time and Part Time staff at Body Revival.
  • It allows you to form a to-do list of all the tasks that need to be completed. You can share your lists with colleagues and know what everyone is working on at the same time.

Full-Time and Part-Time staff are required to share their Wunderlist Work List with the Aaron, the Director of Body Revival.