4.10 Personal Training

Personal Training PROCESS


  1. New client is designate to selected Coach
  2. Coach to receive SMS or CALL notifying of a new designated client
  3. In the call, management team will give selected coach optional times of sessions given by client and discuss client’s goals.
  4. Management team will notify nutritionist of a new client information and nutritionist to email questionnaire to them for FOOD PLAN preparation. Once sent, confirmation SMS needs to be sent out.


(no less than 48hrs prior and the sooner the better)

During the call, it is vital for you to do the following:

  1. Introduce yourself to your client
  2. Welcome your new client to Body Revival team
  3. Discuss in brief their goals and physical limitation (if any)
  4. Set a time and date for their appointment and confirm once again before ending the conversation.


  1. Send SMS Reminder to your client
  2. Once confirmed back by client, tick it off as “CONFIRMED” on MindBody
  3. If client cannot make the scheduled session, please re-schedule if need too (as much as possible, get them to come and fulfil the scheduled session. Ensure they are accountable to you)



  • Goal discussion (please follow questionnaires provided)
    1. What is your biggest down fall when it comes to achieving your goals?
    2. What are your long-term training goals?
    3. What do you hope to get out of your training?
    4. What do you want from me as your coach?
  • Dig deep and get personal in your conversation with your client.
  • Build relationship and rapport with your client
  • Present your expectations as a coach to your client

PT Inclusions

Please explain to your client the following benefits and inclusions attached to their PT Membership

  • Free Gym Access
  • Free Inbody Scan every 6-8weeks
  • Personalised Program updates every 6-8 weeks
  • Nutrition Questions from Nutritionist for Food Plan
  • Continuous nutrition support. Questions regarding nutrition can be forwarded via email to nutrition@bodyrevival.com.au or it can also be done via BR Nutrition support group on Facebook
  • Weekly Check-ins by YOU as their trainer

Personal Training Policy

  • 24 Hour Cancellation Policy
  • Cancelled within 24 Hours sessions – fee applies
  • Suspension procedure – they need to inform trainer and email accounts at hello@bodyrevival.com.au
  • Re-Scheduling that day will be charged (before 24hours no charge)
  • No-Show will be charged as a full session

InBody Scan

  • Go through and explain about the benefits of InBody Scan, why they need to do it and how it will help them with their goals


  1. Functional Movement Screening (FMS)
  • Run through Functional Movement Screening with your client. Make sure you have the FMS folder with you during the screen and record the results
  • Evaluate the results collected and present your finding to your client.
  • If you have time after the screening and result presentation, provide basic training until the session time is up.


  1. Send message to your client to check up on how they are going
    • re-cap on their training session, their FMS results, relate their goals to their training regime and FMS results
    • Praise them on their great work and motivate them as you speak
    • Get them excite to train again and tell them how excited you are to train them


  1. These need to be implemented in their 2nd session:
    • Organise Personalised Program for your client before the start of 2nd session
    • Explain their Personalised Program at the start of session
    • Run through their program with them. Treat this as part of their Personal Training session and make sure you go through it thoroughly with them.
    • Email Personalised Program to client and mention requirements and expectations.


  • Give your client a call to touch base on how their body feels after the session.
  • Deliver positive reinforcement to your client and motivate them as you speak.



Run through the program you have given them


  • Organised
  • Keeps them accountable
  • Importance of programming.



Change their session weekly specific to their goals


  • Keep it interesting


  1. Ensure programming specific to goals
  • Don’t do 1RM if goal is weight loss


  • Weightlifting if the client wants to lose weight


  1. Check in weekly – ensure you check in on your client’s workout weekly and how they are going with their training and nutrition.
  2. Program Updates – it needs to be done every 6 weeks
  3. InBody Scan – needs to be done every 6 to 8weeks to monitor progress


  1. Client leaves with Knowledge
  2. Client is progressing and getting results
  3. Check- Ins weekly
  4. Feel Comfortable with you (relationship and rapport)
  5. Accountability – constant discussion about training, goals, progression, how they are feeling


In order to continue providing high quality, personalised and professional service to our members, all personal trainers must adhere to the following expectations:

Industry Standard Practise Expectation

  • Proven qualification in Personal Training certification and/or higher
  • Valid and current First Aid qualification from reputable and recognisable provider
  • Valid and current CPR qualification from reputable and recognisable provider

Body Revival Standard Practise Expectation

  • Sound knowledge of human anatomy and the concepts and practise of functional exercise, basic nutrition and basic exercise science
  • An ability to conduct and understand the need and importance of screening and client assessment, initially and progressively
  • An ability to design individual exercise programs tailored to the needs and attainable goals of specific clients
  • An ability to execute individual fitness program design in a safe and effective way
  • A desire to help clients reach their health and fitness goals through appropriate cardiovascular, flexibility and resistance exercise
  • An ability to motivate others to improve their overall fitness and health
  • A dedication to maintaining personal integrity and your own health and fitness
  • Ability to create and maintain enthusiasm while delivering session and working with clients.
  • Ability to provide supportive and stimulated personal training session based on client’s goals, expectations and experience level.
  • Build relationship with clients and create conversation when necessary. Become your clients’ best friend.
  • Responsible in update and maintain necessary qualification, professional registration and liability insurance.

In ensuring professional standard of personal training is upheld, Body Revival trainers must adhere to the following:

  • DO NOT Give medical advice, physical therapy advice or attempt to make a medical diagnosis
  • DO NOT Provide body massage to clients, or any similar service that can be construed as inappropriate touch. Always remember to seek client’s permission before you touch them.
  • DO NOT Serve as a psychological counsellor to clients or become intimately involved in personal client relationships
  • DO NOT Have a romantic or inter-personal relationship with a client
  • DO NOT Push your own preferences for fitness goals on clients who do not seek out those same goals
  • DO NOT Allow your credentials, liability insurance and other trainer business standards/practices become non-existent
  • If a client fails to show up 5 minute after the scheduled start session, trainer must get in contact with the client using Body Revival phone.
  • Encourage and get your clients to video themselves performing an exercise and send it to you for coaching purposes. Show to them that we are serious about going an extra mile here at Body Revival.
  • ALWAYS encourage clients to:
    • Use the gym and the program provided when they are not training with a personal trainer.
    • Take supplement as part of their training. Only encourage them to purchase supplements that are available and sell here at BR.