Brie Manson

| Accounts and Administration Officer |

Growing up I loved running. I use to run for my primary and high school, 3km/5km was my specialty. I loved the feeling of coming first or second, however that changed and I lost track of fitness and focused on social events with my friends as I get older. I continued to walk but also found comfort in food. Just before I turned 19, I moved to New Zealand to become a real estate agent and lived with my dad, and that’s when I found my passion for fitness again. I loved going to the gym, I started running and completed my first half marathon under 2 hours which I was proud of myself. Fitness was my passion, but it was also an escape for me. When I moved back I continued for another 3 years in real estate and just lost the passion for it. As I’ve got older I’ve realized any sort of exercise is better than none, and finding a place to work at that I enjoyed is what makes me happy. I now try and live a balance life of food, exercise and work, and in life we don’t have control of what happens. And after having a few health problems I’ve realized I have to do what makes me happy with a lot of lifestyle changes.