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I had my heart set on getting some great results which required a complete lifestyle change. I lost 25kg in 5 months. I managed to give up the beers, eliminate junk food from my diet, increase my water consumption and hold into two records at Body Revival- fastest 100m sprint on the rower at a speed of 15 seconds, hold third place on the leader board for the 250kg tyre challenge, flipping it at a whopping 38x in 5 mins. Despite my severe knee injury which can limit me to do some exercises, I have learnt to focus on my strengths and increase my speed, power, endurance and have improved my overall health. I put himself in a very strong position to take out the number one spot for the famous Finke Desert Dirt Bike Race for 2015 and won my division.


A set goal… a commitment to achieve… focus on results… a great recipe for success!
The results are evident. Lori has not missed a session and has given 100% to her training sessions. She loves a challenge and thrives on being pushed to her maximum effort. A “get go” attitude has helped Lori achieve results.
It has been a pleasure to see Lori every week and accept a challenge and see her getting closer to her goal one step at a time.
Well Done Lori- a great smile on your face all the time!
Mima- Lori’s personal trainer












I was driving past one day and knew it was time to take the next step in life and really try and achieve something within myself. After less than 30 seconds I knew I was in the right place. Aaron is so passionate about people and fitness and helping people become a better version of themselves.
I signed up that day and knew it was the right choice! People invest so much in material things, but not enough in themselves.
My two trainers Zac and Micky have invested so much time  and effort in me and carry so much passion in helping me to reach my goals. They have pushed me further than I ever thought I could and within 8 months I now feel so much better about myself and gained more confidence within myself. I am so happy with what I have achieved and I owe it all to the BR family.
Thank you!

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