Anastasia Stoupas

"Small progress is still progress"

My wonderful life has somehow always related to health and fitness, as I grew up dancing from the age of 3 and playing soccer and netball from a young age to my late teens. I fell into the amazing world of ‘Gym’ at 15 years old as my dancing became more serious as I competed interstate throughout Australia and had to get “fit” and “strong.” And being able to do my first ever squat felt awesome and never looked back.

I came to be a personal trainer through friends and family who thought that I would be great at it but what pushed me to the edge and must thank for was those who saw my passion (and obsession) and gave me the opportunity to do so.

My life is about balance and being realistic. I really do believe that “your body is your temple and if you don’t look after your body, your body won’t look after you”, but being committed to living a happy and healthy lifestyle proves determination and commitment and as I do it for myself, I encourage my clients to do the same.

My professional interest is training for strength, weight loss and functional fitness, my functional but fun training style keeps my clients motivated, injury free and fast tracking to their body composition goals, whether that be fat loss, muscle mass, or to get stronger. My approach during my sessions is to motivate, support and educate my clients to take responsibility of their goals so I ensure my clients have the best opportunity to make their goals a reality by offering nutritional advice, training advice as well as excellent training sessions. This method has proven its effectiveness as I provide people with the correct platform that’s needed to transform them and empower them to make lifestyle changes.

I am willing to go above and beyond for all my clients as I am a passionate trainer who thrives on helping people realise what their bodies and minds are truly capable of and helping them achieve their goals. My bubbly and confident personality definitely makes my group classes and personal training sessions a fun experience. Yes, I am very friendly and approachable but don’t let that fool you as I can put together a seriously tough workout.

For me, I get a buzz when my clients tell me that they are “very sore” but are still smiling when they say it! At the end of the day, exercise should not be a inconvenience, exercise is very important physically but mentally as well and I guarantee that you will feel amazing after the session.

If you want to make life changes, need that extra push in your training or just want to chat, don’t hesitate to ask for Anastasia!

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