Khai Nor

“Train hard, make it worthwhile and smile as you do it”

|  General Manager  | Personal Trainer  |  Boot Camp Instructor  |  Boxing Instructor  |  Body Tone Instructor  | Fitness and Nutritional Consultant |

The thirst for knowledge and wanting to know more have got me started in the fitness industry. Like most young guys, I went to gym to make me feel good about myself and to fill up my spare time. With almost to zero knowledge about resistance training, I paddled my way through exercise and slowly build my interest in proper training technique for optimum result. This leads me to continue my study to increase my knowledge in fitness and exercise almost 10 years ago, ultimately got myself active in the industry that I am passionate about.

Resistance training and high intensity training has always been my passion. There is nothing better than learning about how human body works and response to training. Proper exercise execution and technique combine with proper diet and the right supplement intake will get you the result that you always wanted. Discipline is the key in everything. Keep it up and the great result will be yours in no time.

Diploma in Sports Management
Certificate 3 in Fitness
Certificate 4 in Fitness (Personal Training)
Thump Boxing (Advanced)



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