FAQ – Group Fitness

  1. How long do your classes go for?
    All of our classes go for 1 hour.
  2. Are your classes suitable for beginners?
    Yes, our classes are suitable for ALL fitness levels. No mater if your super fit or just starting off our trainers are here to guide you throughout the session and there are all different types of progressions for all exercises.
  3. What classes do you have available?
    We over 75 classes running per week. Classes including; Boot Camp, Strength and Conditioning, Boxing, CrossFit, Body Tone Circuits, Mums and Bubs, Kids Fitness, Faster/Leaner/Stronger, Functional Athlete, HIIT and Olympic Lifting. You can see the description to each class on our website.
  4. Am I tied into the same class every week?
    No, you can change classes week to week and attend what every class works well for you. We aim to cater and be as flexible as possible with our members.
  5. What do your group fitness packages include?
    Our Exclusive package includes; Free gym access, hire of MyZone monitor and fitness tracker, yearly invitation to our Nutrition and Midset Seminars.
    VIP inclusions are: Unlimited group training at BR ad BR Strength & Conditioning and BF CrossFit, Free hire of Myzone monitor and fitness tracker, ongoing 1-on-1 assessment, ongoing 1-on-1 nutritional consults, 5% discount on supplements, yearly invitations to our Nutrition and Mindset Seminars.
  6. What if I cant make my sessions for the week?
    You can do make up sessions. We allow two weeks to complete your make up sessions.
  7. What if I am going away, what happens to my membership?
    You can suspend your membership until you can train again.
  8. Am I tied into a long-term contract?
    No, you have to compete your minimum term that you signed up for and then you can cancel at any time after that.
  9. Can I get myself weighed?
    Yes, we offer a free assessment upon signing up which includes (measurements, weigh in, body fat screening, nutritional analysis, goal setting). This service is continuously available to all members.
  10. What if I have never done an exercise before?
    This is what our trainers are here for. We are here to help you throughout the session and if we need to modify an exercise we are happy to.
  11. How long will it take to see some results?
    We generally tell our members that you will see changes in your fitness and energy levels and moods within two short weeks. You should see a change in your appearance and strength within 6 weeks providing you are sticking to your nutritional plan and training regime as your Personal Trainer has set out for you.
  12. Do I need to book in?
    No you don’t need to book into your sessions. You just need to arrive 5-10 mins before your session and mark yourself into our system.
  13. What if I can’t make the session times?
    We run over 75 sessions weekly so its near impossible BUT if you are unable to make any of the sessions you are able to use the gym and all the FUN pieces of equipment. We are happy to write out a program for you also.
  14. Can I swap between locations?
    Yes, if you are a member at one location you are a member at all. You can do any classes you like at any location.
  15. What makes you different from other Gyms?
    We don’t classify ourselves a gym. We get to know all of our members on a personal level and really focus on helping you all reach your goals in a fun atmosphere. You feel part of a community where are all uplift each other.
  16. What happens if I lose motivation?
    You have ongoing support around you via our coaches, nutritionist and life coaches. If you aren’t coming to your sessions we will contact you and touch base to see what we can do to help. If necessary, and we feel that you need additional help, we will invite you in to have a chat to one of our life coaches and figure out what we need to do to get you motivated and mindset on track.
  17. Do you have parking?
    Yes we have both on sight parking and street parking available.
  18. Do you have showers available?
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