400g rolled oats
Sunflower seeds, chia seeds, pepita seeds, linseeds and sesame seeds
250g agave syrup or honey (purchase from health food store)
Cinnamon and nutmeg
Walnuts and almonds
Goji berries


1. Crush the almonds and walnuts
2. Place on a large oven proof dish with the oats and mix through
3. Mix in the seeds with the oat/nut mix
4. Boil the agave with the cinnamon and nutmeg
5. Once the agave has boiled , poor all over the nut/seed/oat mix . Ensure the agave has spread
6. Place in the oven on 160 degrees
7. Continuously turn the muesli so it doesn’t burn
8. Will take approx 30-40 mins to cook through
9. Once it has cooled– mix in the goji berries.


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