A SUPER MASSIVE SHOUTOUT TODAY to Harry Wahla ….a massive PT superstar!

6 weeks ago, Harry came to join Body Revival family with a clear goal…to increase his size and to drop his body fat. With clear goals and vision, Harry was more than willing to listen when I told him that he needs to change not just his training, but also his nutrition and the biggest hurdle of all…his lifestyle.

With his busy life as a father, studying full time and working at the same time, Harry still managed to train 5 x week without missing even a session. Only 4 weeks into his new routine, Harry managed to increase his muscle mass by 1.5kg and 10.3cm incremental for his body measurement in total. Not just that, Harry also lost almost 2% of body fat and 3.5cm in total, mainly around his mid-section.
Very impressive and proud achievements so far. I can’t wait to see what else Harry can achieve in 4 weeks time…woohoo!!!

Good job, Harry!!! Keep your eyes on the prize and it will be yours eventually.

– Khai 🙂


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