Faster Leaner Stronger

What is Body Revivals Faster Leaner Stronger?

Immerse yourself in this highly charged, high intensity workout that will guarantee to make you beg for more. Carefully selected an element from each aerobic, plyometric and resistance training, the 60 minutes workout is designed to create a faster, leaner and stronger version of you in no time.

Faster Leaner Stronger is divided into three components;
Faster= High Intensity Training
Leaner= Weight based component of high repetitions
Stronger= Weight Based component of lower repetitions aimed to build your strength.

What you will gain from our Faster Leaner Stronger Sessions

  • * Improve your fitness levels
  • * Increase your muscle tone and strength
  • *Increase Cardiovascular capacity
  • * Stress Reduction
  • * Increase Muscle mass
  • * Build Self-confidence
  • *Add fun and variety to your training
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