I’m super dooper excited for this weeks shoutout to this superstar Josephine Rahme.
6 weeks ago Josephine came to me asking to help her change her life by guiding her through her weight loss journey and giving her the motivation and support that she needed. Josephine was so nervous and quiet and struggled with her first Pt session and kept relying on her puffer. But session after session she has come a long way and doesn’t need that puffer anymore and doesn’t stop talking now (which I love, because I love talking.)

So in 6 weeks Josephine has lost 6kg and 74cm all over! (I am so proud of this woman!)

She is the true definition of commitment. She has come to every training session with a great attitude and a smile on her face and has been making great choices with her nutrition and making the time to use the my fitness pal app.

So keep up the amazingingness you amazing woman, can’t wait to see what the future brings!

Love, Anastasia x

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