10 Week Transformation

The 10 Week Transformation is an intense program aimed at transforming for body and mind on a long term basis. You will learn a better way of treating your body that will lead to a positive lifestyle change.

What you will achieve:

– Weight loss and toning
– Shaping and sculpting
– Lean and a decrease in body fat
– Increased fitness/stamina
– Motivation to live a healthy life
– Education and knowledge that will last you a LIFETIME!

The Transformation group is capped at 15 people, which allows for personalised service.

What you will receive from doing the 12 Week Transformation:
– Weekly meetings
– Nutritional Seminars
– Weekly training programs
– Team training sessions
– Food Diary feedback
– Recipe Book
– Weekly Recipes
– Assessments x4
– Buddy mentor
– Goals Program
– Digestive Health Seminar
– Education
– Before and After Shots
– Supermarket Tours
– Free Gym membership
– Closed Facebook Group- Great discussion tool
– Celebration Outing- Breakfast
– Presentation and Awards- Prizes will be awarded.

This is a program that always gets great results from our members who are able to sustain their new and improved healthy lifestyle on a long term basis. One of the greatest health learning experiences you will get the opportunity to be part of.

To enquire, call Aaron on 0413 158 915 or Stacey on 0411 136 803.



The BEST thing about the 10 week transformation was that it gave me the impetus to DO something. It pushed me to try and believe in myself and my abilities. The thought of running sent shivers down my spine. I couldn’t even run 100m without getting breathless, now I enjoy running and regularly complete my 8 km runs. I’ve never been able to do that in my life and I am incredibly proud of myself. I have lost 10kg whilst on this journey and now live life to the fullest.

Sandy – 24 – South Morang – Lost 10kg / 63 cm in 10 weeks


One of the biggest learning curves for me was that you are a lot stronger than you think. Put your mind into it and you can do anything you want. I was unable to run, now I can jog and start running short intervals. My confidence levels have increased dramatically and I am forever grateful for what I took away from this program. I am a new person who looks forward to what the day has to offer. I no longer hide or shield myself away from life. I am proud, and will tell anyone who listens what this program has done for me- GIVEN ME MY LIFE BACK. Not only am I 21kg lighter, but I am the happiest I have ever been. Thank you Body Revival

Carly – 30 – Epping – Lost 8kg / 52cm in 10 weeks


Thanks to the Body Revival 10 week transformation I have a new, sustainable way of living including being an exerciser for the first time. I am strong, resilient and creating a life I love. No longer am I living a miserable existence on the sidelines of life with an ever-expanding waistline – instead I am the best version of me. I have lost 10kg in 10 weeks and I can now call myself AN EXERCISER… Woo Hoo

Liz – 43 – Mill Park – Lost 9kg / 47cm in 10 week


The 10 week body transformation was the only program that was more about lifestyle changes rather than a quick fix. I have learnt so much about nutrition and I now know about correct food choices. I run a few times a week and I feel on top of the world. I look in the mirror and feel fit. I love the person I see. I now live with passion and look forward to every day and crave my exercise.

Richard – 45 – Mill Park – lost 12kg / 45cm in 10 weeks

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